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The Farm

The Taylor family farm lies 4 miles from the historic market town of Penrith in the green and glorious Eden Valley. Nestled between the Lake District and the Pennines, the area is famed for its rolling green hills, winding rivers and traditional villages.
Our Red Tractor Assured farm grows 400 acres of varied arable crops on free draining fertile sandy soil in an annual rotation. Our flock of over 400 breeding sheep graze 220 acres of permanent grassland, as well as feeding on root crops over winter which introduces valuable organic matter into our arable fields. Our over-winter stubble fields are planted with nitrogen fixing cover crops which reduces soil erosion and adds essential nutrients.
We use minimum tillage planting methods on our oilseed rape fields. This improves soil structure and health as part of our ongoing sustainable soil management system. 
The little black seeds are planted in August and the green plants are nurtured as they grow over the winter and spring. In April and May the iconic yellow fields appear as the plants flower, creating incredible scenes of yellow across the countryside and also producing a valuable early food source for bees and other insects. 
In July and August our combine harvester carefully separates the seeds from their pods. No part of the plant is wasted, with the straw being baled to bed farm animals and the left over seed 'meal' after pressing, providing a protein rich animal feed.
The seeds are traditionally cold pressed, selecting only the first and top quality oil that is produced, before being filtered and bottled. 
We are passionate about British produce, food traceability and the field to fork experience, offering our produce directly to the consumer.
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